Jojoba Absolute Serum 30ml


Jojoba Absolute Serum 30ml


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Absolute serum contains an innovative, unique combination of active ingredients, silymarin and carnosine clinically proven to:

  • decrease frown lines by 24%,
  • decrease crow’s feet by 27%
  • and increase skin firmness by 19.5% after just 4 weeks of treatment.

Benefits: Absolute Serum helps reduce the visible signs of lines and wrinkles and firm up the appearance of slackened skin naturally. The di-peptide carnosine in conjunction with hyaluronic acid and silymarin, a potent antioxidant from milk thistle, work together to aid collagen production and refine skin smoothness and expression lines. Skin is relaxed, less lined, intensely re-plumped and visibly smoothed. It combines Australian Kakadu plum and lillypilly, high in vitamin C and deeply nourishing.

Suitable for all skin types. Especially for skin with ageing concerns.

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